Friday, April 13, 2012

Safety First ~ Ingersoll, Ontario Newborn Photographer

This is something that NEEDS to be done more often in this industry, 
sadly people think that its "sooooo easy" to become a photographer...
simply as easy as picking up a camera and shooting.....
and in the mean time they can/could be risking the safety of these sweet babies!


I thought i would post a step by step of the composite shot, head in hands pose!
Unfortunately i am still seeing way too many people trying to do this (and other) poses 
with out the help of an assistant/mom/dad....
PLEASE Safety First people!!
if you don't feel comfortable doing this shot or don't have the proper training or 
don't have anyone to help you then DO NOT attempt this!!!There are TONS of newborn 
workshops available to help you out please consider taking one to better assist you! 
If i can help just one person today than i have achieved what i wanted!! 


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