Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Learned me some new stuff! | Crave Mentoring

All in all i have to say that my very first ever online workshop was pretty darn great! 
It was slated to start at 8:00pm and run for about 3 to 3.5 hours, 
well i finally had to shut my session down at 1:20am! 
Yes Andee taught and took questions from us until the wee hours of the morning!

 i sure did learn a lot! 
I learned about using layers and masks and in Photoshop 
that i knew was there but didn't really know how to use properly! 
I learned how to use the dodging and burning tools, to give more life and punch to my photos, 
and i learned that using actions are just the beginning of a great editing process 
and sometimes not needed at all! 

It was really just great watching someone else edit photos for a change
and then get to pick their brain about the little things, ya know?!

I wont be sharing any of Andee's secrets with you, so if you want to know all about her fabulousness 
then may i point you in the direction of her CLASS
I have to say that i have hummed and haughed over taking this class for 1.5 years now 
and i am soooo glad that i finally jumped in and did it!

So Since everyone that knows me knows i learn better when i DO 
here are some samples of that i learned last night....

I have struggled for sooooo long with my black and whites, 
I have not found anything that i ABSOLUTELY loved....
I was BLOWN away when i saw Andee create a stunning black and white 
image using ONLY her tools in Photoshop. 
NO ACTIONS where used to create this black and white! 
and i have to say that i love it!

so there you have it! 
My interpretations of Andee's teachings! 
If you have EVER had the slightest inkling or interest
then please don't hesitate any more! 
She is fantastic, kind, generous and is a wealth of knowledge! 
GO NOW! I know you will come out happy! 

Love, Tisha xoxo

*knowledge of photoshop is a must

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