Friday, April 13, 2012

from belly to birth to sweet baby!


So the story started out at a wedding! 
The wedding of one very beautiful bride Abbey and one handsome groom Drew....
i was their photographer for the day! 
Kaitlin and Rick (pictured below) where guests at the wedding, 
 they saw me work and liked me enough to call me to come and take some belly pictures for them!
Well i MUST say that i am soooo glad that i was the one they chose to have all of these pretty special moments captured! 
(and by glad i mean ECSTATIC!!) 
so we officially met the day we took some belly shots, and it was like kismet, Kaitlin and i hit it off right away, i mean Poor Rick didn't have a chance with the two of us hogging the airwaves and chatting non stop! Alas he was a good sport and took care of their fur baby Hanky, while we where in our own little world....
Here are sneaks of their maternity session...

she really was seriously glowing! 

i have never in my life seem two more happier people!! 

So during the session Kaitlin and i start talking about how i have always 
wanted to capture a Birth, 
and she was all like, WHAT?? REALLY?? 
and i was all like uhhhh YA, REALLY
Then she was like well capture mine!
and i was like YES PLEASE!! 

(ok so there was LOTS more said, and we really didn't sound like valley girls!) 

anyway it was set!
I was on call, we exchanged cell numbers, and hugs and off i went to wait at home! 

Can i just pause here for a second and say that for those of you that know me know how much of a patient person i am...I mean you tell me it will be soon, and here i will sit quietly and calmly just waiting till you say when!! 
ok so im NOT patient at ALL, but i gave it a good go, 
and here is the moment that i must apologize to Kaitlin and Rick and I'm SURE beyond a shadow of a doubt they they regretted giving me cell numbers the minute i started testing everyday asking if it was time! lol I really am sorry guys if i was any nuisance at all!! 
it was a lllllllll in love (and excitement!) 

Well it FINALLY happened, at around 10:30pm on March 11th 2012
i got the text........"Hospital just called, I will call you in a bit" (they where scheduled for an induction)
so away i went packed up my bag, made sure all my batteries where charged, got all my memory cards together, and packed some crocheting to do while i waited! 
( i had to make the little one a hat!) 

at 10:45pm i got the call they where headed up and i could come anytime!
man i was pumped, never in my life had i ever been so excited for something!! 
And i was truly feeling blessed that these wonderful (albeit strangers) where actually allowing me to capture this once in a lifetime moment for them! i was feeling VERY blessed to say the least! 

I got to the hospital just in time to see Kaitlin making her rounds....
she was on a mission, she was walking this baby out! lol
so we walked and talked, and talked, and talked, and i crocheted and we talked some more!

FINALLY 7.5 hours later, on March 12th 2012 at 6:32am 
Kaitlin and Rick welcomed their sweet miracle baby 
Jake Alexander Thomas into the world!! 

Here is a little of what i got to see...

(i also need to send a VERY special thank you out to the staff Nurses and 
Doctors at the London Victoria Hospital, they where beyond amazing, really! 
Nothing but kindness, love and warmth from them and to them!)

And then about a week later i loaded all my goodies into my jeep and made the trek to Rick and Kaitlin's house to take some pictures of sweet Jakey! 
I got to snuggle and kiss and love on him 
(BEST part of my job hands down!) 
He was a perfect little monkey, only stopping to have a snack and then letting 
me carry on my merry way!  :) 
ok i know your all dying to see these pics so i will stop gabbing and get to them!! 


Can you take a guess who this family roots for??!! 

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