Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Beautiful Janine | Ingersoll Ontario Boudior Photographer

well as only my second time doing boudior pictures....
I am still sooo very much in love with doing these kinds of pictures!
Honest to pete, Ladies YOU MUST DO THIS,
if not as a surprise for your love one, then
You feel glamourous, sexy, beautiful, and confident!!
This is the second time that i have had
the PLEASURE to take Janine's Photos,
The first time we worked outside in the snow!!
This time we glammed it up a bit!
And with a HUGE thanks to Kristy Over at The Comfort Inn
we got to play in comfort! ;o)
and can i just say that i would do it over and over and over again!
She definately knows how to work my camera!!

I mean...RIGHT??!!

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