Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Hare Family | Thamesford, Ontario Family Photographer

I first met Kristy her cute hubby and adorable little girl Ella
at her sisters Kathy's wedding last year!
She was just about to pop out baby Layna!
I instantly fell in love with this family, and i think their pictures will tell you why!!
Little Ella was THE perfect Model! she did everything that was
asked of her and more!! And sweet little Layna smiled soo big and bright she
light up the shaded area we shot in trying to stay cool!!
Thanks guys for putting up with my crazy ideas!
I cant wait to take your pictures again, and again, and again!
I mean just look at how utterly CUTE they are!!
The adorable headbands seen in these pictures are all made by
Her stuff is soo well made and absolutely GORGEOUS!
Go and get yourself some!
And the Sweet little brown petti rompers
are made by Kristyn at CHIC BABY ROSE
She has a TONS of beautiful things in her shop!
Go and see for yourself!!
© Tisha Johnson | Intrique Photography
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