Monday, May 10, 2010

Lucas Turns 1 | Ingersoll, Ontario Child Photographer

well a couple of weeks ago, i met up with this sweet little family
at their home to photograph Lucas's
1st birthday cerimonial
Cake Smash Pictures!
Which by the way can i just say that
these are some of my favorite pictures to take!!
Why?? Well because i get to experiance
right along with the 1 year olds usually their first time
eating cake and icing!! Oh and its sooo much FUN!!!
the way they look at the cake as if to
say "really?? Your gonna let me just eat this?"
or "WOW that is SWEET!!!" lol
Seriously if you have ever pondered doing this
with your child/children, DO NOT ponder anymore!
So much fun and soooo stinking adorable!!
Well just see for yourself.....Internet meet Lucas,
He will be turning 1 at the end of the month and this was his FIRST time with cake!
And this is why i love doing these pictures!! lol This is after tasting the icing!!


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