Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Model Search Winners!!!

Hey everyone.....
you may remember about a month ago when i announced
that i was looking for MODELS, well i am here to officially
announce the 3 choosen ladies!
After you all sent me your pictures i forwarded them
onto Hair Dresser Extrodinaire (and my beautiful mother)
SAM KALBFLEISCH who was in charge of choosing the models
as she will also be the one to make your hair into art!
Sam, Also came up with a brilliant idea that i know i am super
stoked about!! Instead of just regular makeover the girls choosen
will be made into famous Girl Rockers from the 80's!!!
How Fun is that!!!???
Also i should mention that my wonderful and GORG go to make-up gal Sherri Johnston
will be in charge of transforming you all into these 80's icons!
And i of course will be taking your pictures!!!
Ok, ok, ok, so you wanna know who won, and who your being made into??
i wont make you wait any longer!
Saphire Linseman your being transformed into Joan Jett!!
Theresa Yacoub your being transformed into Cher!!
Shauna Wilder your being transformed into Cyndi Lauper!!
EEEEEKKKKKKK Im SOOOOOO excited about doing this!!
i just know that we are gonna have sooooo Much fun!!
Thank-You to everyone who entered!
And Congrats to the winners!
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