Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy 10th Birthday Ally!!!

Back in the summer a friend of mine approached me about doing a photo shoot of her daughter and her best friend......I obviously said "HECK YA" ..... She then went on to tell me that her daughter "Ally" LOVES the camera and if she could would live in front of it, soooooo i thought to myself this is gonna be a breeze!!! Fast Forward to what may have been the coldest day of the year...(sometime in the middle of December) and this is the day that we decide to do the photo shoot!! Man O Man, let me tell you those two girls worked it out like no ones business!!! I will let the photos speak for them selves, but let me just say that if i could turn the "age" clock back, i would turn it back to when i could be 10 years old again.....not a care in the world and sooooooo much ahead of you!!
Thanks Susie, for having such a fun, bright and beautiful little girl....and to Ally and Alyssa....I had sooo much fun with you guys that day...Thanks for letting me live through you for one day!! and don't grow up too fast!!


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