Monday, January 12, 2009

ok i know i know......

Yes Internet, i know....Its January 12th and i have yet to update this Blog.....i feel bad i really do...and i could list all the reasons why i have been so incredibly busy, (stubborn, lazy ect...) but i wont bore you....I will say that i will do better i PROMISE!!!
My goal this year is to blog at least once a day.....the blog post may not all be filled with photos... but i will at least write you a few words of wisdom, or share a favorite quote, or even vent on you about a really bad day!!
So that is my my pledge to you!!
Wish me Luck!!

here is a pic i took of my Husband a few nights ago that i just LOVE.....


Jodie Greck Photography said...

I LOVE this too ;-)

Intrigue Photography said...

Thanks....I think he's pretty darn handsome!! ;o)

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