Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ashley's NEW Do!!!

It all started on a cold dark Sunday night.....(sounds ominous doesn't it?!?!) Ashley was talked into getting her hair cut! Now, you should know Internet, that Ashley is a BIG HUGE SCAREDY CAT when it comes to her hair.....see she doesn't like change, especially when it comes to her hair....she likes it one way...LLLLLOOOOOONNNNNGGGGGGG!! ;o)

so anyways back to the cold ominous Sunday night.......we where sitting around my dining room table (Leslie, Ashley and I) playing with the virtual on line makeovers and trying to convince Ashley to give herself a change.....Update her look a bit! When all of a sudden i get the bright idea that i where to cut off her pony tail then she would HAVE to get it cut right?? C'mon Internet it was all for the good of Ashley's hair! (don't give me those gasping sounds!!)

so this is the before....

and here are the during.........

and here is the finished product!!!! I for one absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! part of the incentive for her to chop off her hair was that i promised to do a mini photo shoot with her on the way home! And boy am i ever glad that i said that cause She looked absolutely GORGEOUS....and we found this really awesome spot to shoot at!! Yes it was cold but i was totally Worth it!!

ASHLEY.......I love ya, and thank you for letting me and Leslie convince you to cut off your hair!!



Ash_*CRACK* said...

ok...yes I'm glad I did it to cause I LOVE IT!!!!! And Thanks Girls for kinda sorta making me do it....And yes I am A Big Scaredy Cat when it comes to my hair...Like I said to Tish And Leslie....I would rather have someone punch me in the face then Fuck with me hair....And It's true...I really would..i Loved my Long hair...but now I love my short

Ash_*CRACK* said...

That's supossed to say Fuck with MY hair...OOPS

Intrigue Photography said...

LOL you are hilarious!!! Love ya CRACKER!!

Drea said...

looks great! love the purple

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