Saturday, April 20, 2013

June Storm | Ingersoll, Ontario Glamour Photographer

I adore this young lady! 
We first met almost 2.5 years ago when we got together for coffee
and to talk about her upcoming wedding and me shooting it :) 

it was like a big ole girly love at first site for me! 
Amanda aka June Storm is one of the greatest most inspiring, loving
caring, heartfelt, sweet people i have ever had the privilege to know! 

i have worked with her a number of times and every single time we
seem to have a ton of fun and create beautiful images!

I can only share with you a few of the pictures from our latest romp
as the others are up for a bunch of magazine spreads.....

we did 3 different looks in just under 2 hours....isn't she stunning! 
I ADORE her (period) 

Now a bit about June....

 I am a mother of four beautiful children, I work in health care and I am an entrepreneur. I run my own Hair accessory boutique called "Vanity Fate Boutique" and have recently started my own magazine called Lush Kittens PinUP Magazine. I live life to the fullest, love to have fun, work hard and strive for success in all that I do. I have dabbled a bit in modelling as well, and began Pin Up/alternative modeling approximately 10 months ago. I have grown a lot in that time, and have multiple publications in a variety of magazines and a calendar for 2013. I have found each new experience to be VERY exciting in the world of modeling, and have had the opportunity to work with some incredibly talented photographers.  When I model, I try my best to acheive different looks, to be comfortable trying new things and to always have a bubbly and fun spirit. I am a happy go lucky girl, dedicated to bringing awareness and encouragement to others that all women are beautiful, and body acceptance and self love should be priority for each and every woman. We are all special and unique in our own ways, and we may see ourselves differently then others but we are all deserving of love and acceptance!

To Submit to Lush Kittens pin up mag please click below

If your a photographer and would like to work with June Storm 
please click on the image below to contact her! 
And i promise you, you will NOT be disappointed 

and in true June form.....

Have a great day Cats & Kittens 


Stacey Haggerty said...

i can come up with stunning and breathtaking - words fail me beyond that. wow :)

Intrigue Photography said...

Thank you Stacey!!

Allison Hadley Photography said...

LOVE these!! Can't wait to see what you guys do together next!

Amanda Mitchell said...

Love June's style and you two make a great team

Stacey ~ Owner/Operator of Vdk Photography said...

She's so amazing! you guys just click :)

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