Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happy Birthday King | London, Ontario Birth Photographer

 I got the phone call at 3:30 am in the morning, "its time to go!" 
up i popped outta bed, brushed my teeth, threw on some comfy clothes 
and got all my camera gear ready! This IS finally it! YAY!!

Kate was such a huge trooper she laboured actively from 2:00pm 
until 10:30pm when she was told that she could finally 
push...11:35 pm King Medeiros was born!

Kate, Kendra (sister) and Debbie (mom) i want to say thank you so 
much for having me intrude on such a special day in your lives 
to document it! I truly loved every single minute of it! Seriously thank you!

I also wanna shout out a BIG HUGE thanks to the doctors and nurses at 
London Health Sciences Centre.
Elizabeth Anne, Tara and Kirsten you guys all took such wonderful care of
 Kate throughout the day, and she and her family and i are forever grateful!!


i think this is my all time favourite birth shot, EVER.


Stacey Haggerty said...

beautiful, beautiful and wondrous. amazing photos as always tish <3

Allison Hadley Photography said...

You have captured that moment absolutely perfectly! I can't imagine how happy the family must be.

Amanda Mitchell said...

So happy for Kate!

Jamie Hay said...

I adore birth photography. Such a beautiful journey, and one of the few times that we get to experience truly candid photos.

Welcome to the world sweet King, may you live joyously.

Amanda Fleming said...

This must have been a great experience for all :)

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