Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Beautiful Bree | Ingersoll, Ontario Boudoir Photographer

it was a warm evening in may, the sky was pink and orange,
we where at a very cool rustic location with a bed in the middle of the field!
(yes i hauled a bed out into the middle of the field)
in front of me was a stunningly beautiful, shy woman “i’m so nervous” she says to me,
“no need to be, i know you will be great” i say back to her….
within 15 minutes Miss. B was working it like no ones business!!
these are my favourite sessions to to do, i love seeing a woman really see herself for the first time, and realize that yes she is BEAUTIFUL!”

I was featured ove on the COAPJ BLOG
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© Tisha Johnson | Intrique Photography
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