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Michelle & Quinn ~ Happily Ever After | Kitchener, Ontario Wedding Photographer

1. Where, when & how did you meet?
 Quinn and I met almost 3 years ago.  I wish that we had a unique and romantic story of how we met, but believe it or not, we met online!
 I never would have imagined that I would meet my future husband online...but I did!
After chatting briefly, we decided to meet for coffee, and the rest was, as they say...history :)
2. when and how did you get engaged? 
Quinn proposed to me last Spring.  It was a rainy Friday evening but despite the weather Quinn suggested that we walk to get a movie at the local video store.  On route he took a small detour. We live close to the Speed River and close to our house is a beautiful old train bridge.  Quinn said it would be a short cut to walk over the bridge, so when we got to the middle, he stopped and got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  Amidst tears and worry that he would drop the ring into the water below, I of course said YES!  His propsal was true Quinn style, simple and heart felt...and a moment I will remember for ever!

3. tell me about Quinn in 5 words or less. 
 Best Friend. Honest. Genuine. Kind. Supportive. 

4. tell me about Michelle in 5 words or less. 
 Caring. Happy. Understanding.  Supportive. Partner

5. What are three things you like to do together?
 1).  Hanging out with our Labradoodle Murphy
2). Travel
3). Anything outdoors

6. What do you think is unique about you as a couple?
-I think what makes us unique as a couple is that we both appreciate and value the simple things in life. Some of our happiest times together are the ordinary everyday things like taking our dog Murphy for a walk, or cuddling on the couch.  No matter what life throws our way, we'll be fine as long as we have eachother and as long as we can have a few laughs too!

7. why did you pick the date for your wedding?
May 26
 I love Spring and May is a beautiful month! Not too hot yet, and less of a chance of rain ( I checked old weather network reports!)
We didn't want to be at the end of the busy 'wedding season' either...we wanted to be the first one,  so that our friends would be in full party mode and have a good time!

8. did you have a certain vision/ heme for your wedding?
 - Quinn gave our wedding theme the title of 'Country chic' :)
Being a small town, country girl at heart...I definitely wanted that reflected through a soft, simple and pretty vibe.
As for our colour choice of is such a fun, happy and cheerful colour! Just what we wanted our wedding to be!

9. venues?
 Both our ceremony and reception took place at the Waterloo Region Museum in Kitchener.
 We were looking for a unique venue, that was a mix of old and new.
Our ceremony was held in a tiny  white chapel built in 1819, and our reception was in the main Museum facility.
 10. What was the best wedding related desision that you made? 
Because I was in full DIY mode with lots of aspects of the wedding, I was really glad I took the week off of work before the wedding to get everything organized, and 2 weeks after to get away and just relax!

11. what was your favorite part of your wedding day?
 Definitely the particular saying our vows to each other

12. What is the most important thing to you about your wedding photography? Both Quinn and I don't really love being the centre of attention, so we were looking for someone who we felt comfortable with, and someone who made us feel at ease.  We were also hoping to find someone who could capture who we are and the love we have...and do so in a fun, creative and natural way! Tisha did all of this and more!! We are very thankful to have met Tisha, and had her talent  capturing some of the most special memories in our lives!
13. what is your favorite photo from Intrigue Photography of your day?  
 The pics are in the mail and I can't wait to see them! :) I'm guessing there will be many favourites!
14. where do you see yourselves in 5 years?
We are building a house in Elora right now, so in 5 years we hope to be thouroughly enjoying small town life, with our own little family..(hopefully a few little ones) and of course Murphy too.
15. Got any advise for future brides & grooms?
Take a minute...or lots of minutes... to just breathe and take everything in. Oh, and invest in a great photographer too! ( Tisha Johnson! :)

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