Wednesday, January 4, 2012

a valentine treat | Ingersoll, Ontario Boudoir Photographer

are you wondering what to get your honey doll for valentines?! 
Well how about the gift of YOU!? 

Take a look at what i'm offering below and if you have any questions please feel free to call or message me!
519 . 859 . 2042
ask for me, Tisha!! 


click HERE to take a look at some samples of my work!

and here are what some ladies are saying about their experience...

TASHA.... One of THE best things you can do for yourself!! I did it 9 mths preggo then again like 7 mths or so after having my second child. The pics make you feel like a completely different person and raises your self confidence like you wouldn't believe! :) and Tisha makes you feel super comfortable the whole time and you end up Laughing your butt off the entire time and have so much fun!! I highly recommend!! 

KAT..... Oh girls how I wish there was something I could say to change your minds. I have suffered for years not loving my image but after an afternoon filled with laughs with Tisha, I got some amazing photographs. I made a book for my husband with them and sent them to his military posting for his birthday. I have never felt so beautiful as I did that day and now I have pictures to prove it:) Do it!!! It is wonderful self esteem boost!

SHELLEY..... I had the absolute best experience! I just had a baby three months before i did my boudoir pictures so i wasn't the most confident but like everyone has said Tisha Johnson makes you feel incredibly beautiful. The pictures were STUNNING and i love that Tisha made me feel so good about myself! 

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