Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tiny Light Foundation

Hey there blogstalkers!!
So one of my goals for 2011 was to find myself
a GREAT charity that would bring GREAT things to people!
Well I just found mine!
this wonderful little organization is just starting to get its feet wet.
But so far has had some amazing stories to tell!!
With the help of photographers like myself the team from
THE TINY LIGHT FOUNDATION will pair families with a child or children that
have life altering illnesses, with photgraphers wanting to bring a
small ray of "light" into their lives!
Sounds AWESOME right?!
well thats what i thought too, thats why I know
is the right charity for me!
If you are a photographer that is in Canada
and would love to be invloved please head on over to the website
and take at look around!
If you have a "tiny light" or know of any, all you need to do is apply
Please forward this to as many people
as you know....We need to get the word out there people
We can make this TINY light HUGE!! xo
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