Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Goon....Goonie.....Goonster....Goonie B...... | Ingersoll, Ontario Children Photographer

......AKA Miss. Charlotte!!
Can you believe that just about 2 years ago this is what the little miss looked like!??
Jeesh, it really is true that they grow up soooo fast!!
Well Internet, Miss Charlotte (or Gonnie as everyone lovingly refers to her)
has really become the little lady, with a personality all her own!!
If its even possible, i think i love her more the older she gets!
It is always a pleasure to take her pictures....albeit interesting.....
Chips and Dora snacks came in handy for our little photo sessionof course in the form of bribery lol
Here's my fave shot of the day....
And here is Charlotte and her cousin Sophia.....
As you can see, Sophia is NOT in the lovey kind of mood!!
© Tisha Johnson | Intrique Photography
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