Tuesday, April 13, 2010

PHOTOFUSION The Contest!!!

Ok soooo I am TOTALLY and extremely in LOVE with Kristen Weaver 's photography rockness!! lol I seriously wanna be her, i KID!!
No but really she is giving away one of the COOLEST prizes eva,
a whole 2 days working side by side with her!!!
I mean REALLY!!?? I sooo badly wanna win, WHY??
well cause she ROCKS, plain and simple, and i would truly love to learn from her
and her, what seems like amazing amount of energy!
I have ALWAYS wanted to try out "REAL" fashion shoots,
and hey what better way to learn from the best!!
Ok im gonna quit yakking and leave now, as i only had 15 min to do this as i was the WILD CARD WINNER!! lol so heres to me hopefully winning and if not well then heres a sneek peek at where my next session will hopefully be!!
for this awesome opportunity!!!
Well look no further!
Heres How!!
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