Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Ladies Part Deux!

So, Last week i went and rented myself the 24-70mm 2.8 lens,
now for anyone that knows me i have been coveting this lens for MONTHS now, but i
just cant seem to take the $1800.00 plunge, so instead i rented it, next best
thing right??!! WRONG!! Now i want it EVEN more than ever!!
Well before it had to send back i asked Mallory and Kate if they wanted to go out
again and play, of course they said YES PLEASE!! lol
I also asked my photog friend STACEY to come along for some fun!
And boy oh boy some fun was had....(aside form the death of Stacey's poor 50mm)
the light was GORG, the girls where GORG, and our surroundings where GORG!!!
I really didnt wanna stop shooting, but come on WHO WOULD!!??
here are a few of Stacey's shots.....This was her first time shooting
Models, Didnt she do an UBER FANTASTIC Job!!!!????
I love seeing the differences in our shooting styles, i think its super neat to
see the different angles and styles Stacey adds to her photographs,
she truely is an artist!
to see more of her work please visit her
And here are my shots of the day!!
I am IN LOVE with this next series, aren't they just adorable.....can you say, yummy sun??!!
Thanks Ladies, i had a blast with you, i cant wait till next time!!
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