Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Charlotte Turns 1 | Ingersoll, Ontario Family Photographer

So sweet little Goonie Girl has turned one years old!!
Seriously where in the world did the time go!?
I mean it feels like just last week Nicole was
screaming at me in the back of Carmans Photo Source, (where we both used to work)
"Tisha, WHAT IS THAT??"
(pointing to the prenancy test that she threw on the table in front of me!)
LOL.....Charlotte is just the sweetest little girl with a smile that will
melt ANYONES heart!
ok so onto the pics, I really wanted to do a Cake Smash with her,
But i knew Nic really wasnt to excited about that! But we went ahead and did
it anyways! lol Charlotte really wasnt too sure at first,
it was almost as if she was saying...
"seriously?? You guys are gonna let me just eat this whole thing?!" lol
It was sooo Funny to watch her go at it!!
© Tisha Johnson | Intrique Photography
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