Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Baby Marina | Ingersoll, Ontario Newborn Photographer

Oh Internet, yesterday i had the PRIVILEGE to
take sweet little Marina's very first set of pictures!
And let me tell you that she was AAAWWWWESOME!!!!
I'm serious, one of the BEST babies i have had yet to photograph!
She fell asleep and pretty much let me have my way with her!!
We stopped for a small break for her to eat, but other than that
Marina was content to let me do anything!
Which pretty much means that i love her to pieces! LOL
But enough about me and onto the pictures!
Daddy's Sweet little baby Girl!
I mean come one right!!!????
I LOVE this next picture, You can just FEEL how much Marina is loved!
Thanks Pete and Robin! I look forward to seeing Marina Grow!


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