Friday, March 26, 2010

Contest Winner!!!!

Congrats goes out to Dawn MacKay and her beautiful twin girls!!!
with a whopping 318 votes cast,
Dawn won with 89 votes, and with just 9 votes
behind her Tina Hansford came in a close 2nd!!
Dawn is the winner of an AWESOME little treat!!
A Custom Photo Keychain and a Custom Photo Necklace made with the winning photo!
all being designed by PENDANTLICIOUS
(Dawn I will let you know when its in!!)
Tina, cause i love to give stuff away....You are now the proud owner
of a $50.00 gift certificate!!
CONGRATS to Both of you!!!!
And because this one went sooo well check back often for the next contest
with a cool new treasure!!
© Tisha Johnson | Intrique Photography
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