Thursday, March 25, 2010

Balloons, Feilds, and Buses OH MY!! | Embro, Ontario Maternity Photographer

I have had the greatest pleasure to photograph, this pretty girl
and her family for almost 3 years now!!
From her fist baby "T" to her wedding and TTD session, and now onto to baby #2!
We had a blast during this session, even though the balloons would NOT
stay put, i stupidly grabbed onto an electric fence, and Dela was having contractions
every 5 minutes! All in all it was a pretty exciting afternoon! LOL
All worth it i think! We where able to get some really great shots in!
Dela must think im crazy for the amount of time i gushed over her!
SSHHHHHHH Dont tell her...... but i secretly have a girl crush on her!! :o)
Love you Dela!
I can't wait to meet sweet little baby girl "A"

7 month preggers and still workin it out!!

My Fave!!
The next few pics are featuring Tristan, boy oh boy he is a goer!! lol the pic on the left shows how our 5 min session with him went!!!
and that was it for him!! He no longer cared that i had treats! he wanted to play!!!

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