Thursday, September 3, 2009

Paul, Leslie & Alyssa....What A Gorgoeus family!

Well Internet, I had the privelage yet again, to do pictures of the Van Santen Family!! And can i just say to you that i LOVE these three!!
I love it when i get the call or message from Leslie, saying that its THAT time again, time for pictures...I love how year after year their daughter Alyssa just keeps getting cuter, I love the Love they all seem to have for eachother! and i especially Love it when Paul lets me talk him into getting in a Knights costume!! ;o)

I LOVE THE VAN SANTENS! There i've said it!! lol
and now onto the pictures!!!

Can you see where Alyssa gets it from!! Her Mama is HOT!!!!

And this is my All Time Fave of Alyssa's!! I just couldn't decide if i liked it better in Colour or Black and White??!!


Michele said...

WOWZA!!!! What a fabulous nailed it! The little girl is stunning; and I agree on the fave....I prefer it in colour for sure. Very nice work:)

Intrigue Photography said...

Thanks so much Michele!! i to have fallen in love with the colour version!

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