Monday, April 6, 2009

SOOOO SORRY......(insert me begging for your forgivness here...)

Hello world, i know....i haven't blogged for a while...PLEASE forgive me???

I promise i will be catching up....and by catching up i mean i will be blogging my face off for the next two days untill i am all caught up!!

Whats been going on for the past month with me you ask??

Well let me tell you!! lol i had a MARCH MADNESS special that went sooooooooooooooo well that i have decided to do it every year!! I want to send out a HUGE hug to everyone that participated in the special! I had a great time meeting and photographing you all!!

I am also in a wedding in September so i have been spending some of my "free" time with one of my great friends Melissa, (if your reading this then i apologise to you to for not being around more!! XO) I was out to help plan some things with her a couple of weeks ago and while i was there i took a few pictures of her rings....Here is sneek peek....cause i know a post is never good without a photo!! lol



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