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Mothers Day Contest Winner!!

Seriously i really DO NOT know why i do this to myself!! lol
All of the stories where amazing, each one of them special in there own way,
and each one of them brought tears to my eyes.....
Internet, it was sooooooo HARD to pick a winner for this contest,
that i have decided to pick not 1 but 3 winners!!
Yes 3 WELL deserving people will win the package and the rest of you who entered my contest, you will receive a $25.00 Gift Certificate...and to kick it up a notch I am going to make a Mothers Day Special for the people that entered my contest, but did not win....
So for those of you who are still interested in Getting Pictures done for Mothers Day with you and your mom, i am going to have a
Saturday April 25th
CIL Park (on Pemberton Street)
30 min Photo Session
2 8x10's
(all photos will be back in time for Mothers Day)
So without further ado.....The winners are.....(in no particular order)

Susy Patton (nominating Carrie Keenan)
here's her story.....
I would like to tell you about how wonderful of a mom I have. But I believe there is a mom that is more deserving of this gift right now. This woman is loving, generous,strong and courageous. She is a woman that other woman should strive to be. A woman I know her children will look up to,emulate, and aspire to be come. She is my hero. When I see her kiss her girls or hold them in a hug. I know they are truly loved. This woman of exceptional character is my sister Carrie. I know after losing Cole. She thought that she wasn't being the mom her girls deserved. That her suffering was somehow causing the girls to suffer. She worried about the effects her pain was causing them and how she could fix herself for them. Even in her darkest hours she thought of those girls. She puts them first. She is a selfless mother. I think she needs this gift,to capture that love, to bring back the pride of being the best damn mother! I know that this was supposed to be about my mom so please don't disqualify her! Thanks Tish!!
Karen Nicol
here's her story....
I am nominating my mom.Her name is Joan Hofman.She was married to my dad Bert Hofman- who recently died Feb 23 2009 of congestive heart failure and had suffered a stroke 4 years ago.They were divorced at 25 years of marriage 18 years ago.What I Have learned from my mom is your character is what is most important and valuable to others.It's not about the things that you give to your children.It's not the vacations , not the bikes, not the clothes or toys. None of the material things really matter. It is the character of a person that will linger with those that are left behind.My mom was a dedicated wife and mother. She was committed to the success and failures of her children and husband. She endured pain, suffering sadness, regret, trials and tribulations because her husband was an alcoholic and her son had ADHD. All these circumstances would normally make a person’s hearts sad and hardened but not for my mom. She kept her chin up, did her best and showed strength and courage during those adverse times. She still is. She is dying now of cancer. I got married 5 years ago in July and she had just got diagnosed with bowel cancer. She did the chemo and got a bag with a stoma etc and recovered from it. She even got the stoma thing reversed. But the cancer returned in her lungs and she endured another tumour removal- this time no chemo or other treatments. The cancer returned in her bowels and in the last year or so has had the stoma surgery again and several stunt surgeries in her kidneys - no other treatments are being given. Her strength and courage is much to be admired. She has lived to see her granddaughter born last Sept 2008 and also her grandson Owen who was born June 2005. She never in a million years would have thought that would have happened. She was even surprised that I got married at age 39. She is grateful and I am sure that she had drawn closer to God because of that. My mom was very forgiving of me when I rekindled our long lost mother daughter relationship of 7 years . One day she received a letter from me and immediately invited me to visit her. With no hurts attached and much forgiveness for past hurts .It is her character that I admire the most. The memories are precious now. And my prayer is that I can be at least half of hers. I want to be a jewel to my kids and to my husband as well just as she has been to me as her daughter.Thanks for letting me share this story.
Becky Blackmore
here's her story....
I am not writing this to win the contest, obviously, I can't do a photo shoot with my mom........but I thought it would be a great way to express how much my mom means to me even though she is gone.I remember my mom as being the type of mother who all the kids loved. She did some many things for everyone, not just her own children. I remember when I was little and she babysat the whole street ( or so it seemed like it at the time) she would go out of her way to make sure all the kids got to go swimming or to the store or to the park. Unless we were in trouble for something.....Kevin George and I missed a few swimming days. My mom was always there when we were kids for any school functions or beavers or brownies. My fondest memory is when I was 7 or 8 my mom was in the church choir and I was in brownies. We had both went the same nights at St. Paul's in Ingersoll. We would always go to Miss Ingersoll before our meetings and have french fries or my fav was a grilled cheese sandwich. Something very simple but that was my alone time with my mom. On my birthday every year we would go out for lunch.....yes to Miss Ingersoll. As I became a teenager, like most teenagers, I started to rebel. I didn't want to spend much time with my mom. Then I became pregnant and that is when I realized how much I needed my mom. She was there for me through one of the most scariest times of my teenage life. Even though she was very angry at me she still told me everyday that she loved me. She helped through the whole pregnancy which was a difficult one due to my age. She assured me everything would be fine when I felt my life was horrible.When I gave birth to Kyle, she was there through the whole thing rubbing my back and telling me I really wasn't going to die, that it was normal. I cherish my son now as my mom chose his name, and I tell him that all the time when he says he wishes I named him Jamie instead of Kyle. My mom chose to quit work and babysit so I could go to school and make a better life for Kyle. Then came that day that haunts everyday of my life, when my mom was taken from us. The most horrible thing had happened to our family, and we didn't know where to go from there as mom was one who guided us through all the horrible things in our life. I miss my mom everyday as I am sure my brothers and dad do too. Sometimes when I hear my friends saying how mad they are at their mom or saying they hate their mom. I feel robbed, and heart broken that they just don't know how much their mom means to them or does for them. Sometimes i just want to smack them. I wish I still had my mom and they are wishing they didn't. It doesn't seem fair sometimes. And I think why my mom. Then I think of something a family friend said to me during that tragic time in our lives. Everything happens for a reason, and when it is your time god takes you no matter where you are or what you are doing. I am not sure what the reason was and I will never know. I do know that with every year that passes comes more reasons and more thoughts of what my mom meant to me. We all grow from our experiences and I have grown but not really understood.I do know that everything my mom did in her life was for her children and grandchildren. She was the best. I know allot of people who loved her as much as I did and have their own reasons as to why they loved her. I loved her because she loved me unconditionally even when I wasn't a very daughter and rebelled against everything she taught us.
For the Winners, please contact me to book in your photoshoot......
If you would like your pictures back by Mothers Day then you MUST book in before May 3rd!


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