Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Ok Internet, sooo i have come to LOVE online shopping!! and Ebay is now my new best friend.....lol....i found this DRESS and i knew i had to have it! so it came....and now i had to find a model......World, meet Madi.....this gorgeous little 5 year old worked my camera like nobodies business.....there was no coaxing needed from me, she did her THANG!
Just look for yourself.......(insert "I told you so" here!)

and in the midst of all things Girly...Madi stops and bends down to proclaim..."look i found some shells!!" it was sooo cute!!


Stacey ~ Owner/Operator of Vdk Photography said...

LOVIN' the blog Tish!!! Looks great! <3

Intrigue Photography said...

Thanks Stace!!!

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