Tuesday, December 16, 2008

5 Hot Ladies (and 3 beautiful children)

It's all about the "SISTAS" and there is not much i can say that my pictures don't say for themselves!!! HOT HOT HOT!!!! Yes Internet 5 beautiful young ladies who i am VERY proud to call my family! 5 more cousins to introduce you to!
From Left (mine) Right.....Elisa, Kristen, Sydney, Taryn and Nicole
These were done last Sunday on what had to be THE coldest day of the year!! But these girls braved the sub-zero temperatures with me, and we even had fun doing it!!!
I Love you Girlie's....and i hope we can do this again soon!!
Have i mentioned how ABSOLUTELY GORG you all are???? ;0)

this kind of reminds me of Sex In The City!!

Seriously Right??? How could they get any better looking????

This one is my all time fave!


Drea said...

great set here! i love them

Intrigue Photography said...

Thanks Drea!!

Still Sweet said...

May I ask how you get such great shots with white clothing and snow without blowing out the white? These are amazing!!

Intrigue Photography said...

Awww well thank you!! alot of the time im shooting in the shade, which helps out alot!! and the rest of the time its luck!! lol

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