Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This Is Me!!!

Hello Internet/Blogging world!!! well i have decided to take the plunge....I have been following some pretty fantastic blogs now for quite sometime....(ok so "stalking" is prolly a better term for me! ) my fave right now is Jasmine Star i love the way she writes, and speaks, and takes pictures.....She has been my biggest inspiration, and i dont even really know her! lol (ok yes i know this is making me sound totally creepy and maybe a little insane and im sorry but i promise you that i am completely normal.....errr.....well ok mostly normal.....i mean a little crazy is good right??)

Anyways, yes i tend to get off track everynow and then, here i am heading into the land of the BLOG...and i gotta say im a little scared and nervous to put myself out there for you all to see, i mean i have a website and facebook and all that jazz...but blogging i think is different.....but different in a good way!

Ok i will stop babbling and start posting I'm hoping to do this everyday or at least every few days....so keep checking back for updates and picures.

I will be posting each new photo session here from now on, with a little blurb about the family/client to make it all a little more personal.

So this is me, Internet, taking the next step....


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