Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am LOLA | Ingersoll, Ontario Photographer

You all know how much i LOVE to make women feel beautiful right? 
Well my wonderful friend Maki from MAKI FOTOS is doing that and more with her brand new Lola by Maki Fotos photography line! 
What is Lola? Lola- is a female name of spanish origin meaning ‘strong woman’
Anyone can be Lola, you, ME, your mom, grandma, aunt..... ANYONE! 
Finding your inner strength/confidence/beauty/love doesn't have to mean getting half naked for the camera, (unless of course thats what you want cause ya'll know im down for whatever lol) it means letting go of a little bit of yourself and reminding yourself that you DO deserve to have beautiful images taken of YOU! It means yes, im allowed to have fun!

P.S. Maki you are awesome, seriously so very proud of you and your journey!! xox

Click on the image below to View the "I AM LOLA" website 
(image by Maki Photos)

And here is the I AM LOLA promo video......By Maki Photos 

So my bff Stacey from VdK Photography an i went out today to show off our own Lola Side :)
Here is a little peak of a few of our pictures....
(top left hand image taken by VDK Photography edit by me!)

More images to come later on!

all images of yours truly were taken by my very talented friend Stacey from VDK PHOTOGRAPHY 

we are all LOLA....


Jamie Hay said...

Interesting concept. I like it. Go Lola!

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