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Always Learning | Ingersoll, Ontario Boudoir Photographer

**DISCLAIMER - this will be a VERY LONG post - VERY wordy with an abundance of photos!**

In my industry there is ALWAYS room for growth!
In fact in my opinion you can never stop learning for if you do, your saying that you are perfect, and well i know that I'm definitely NOT perfect! :)

So when i saw the announcement that one of my idols in the photography world -
Last Forty Percent Photography - was offering a Boudoir Workshop i literally screamed at my computer screen!! I was soo excited, i mean i screamed so loud my son came running into my office to see what was wrong with me!!  haha
i immediately emailed Brianna to hold my spot as i was NOT going to miss this and then all i had to do was wait......which for those who know me is nearly impossible!

February 1st marked day 1 of our workshop,
i was admittedly a little nervous, which i don't get often but come on i was going to actually meet two of my fave photographers! Not to mention 8 other people that i have never met before in my life!
 Would they like me? Would i make a fool of myself?  eeeek - yes i was nervous....

so there we are sitting around in a circle just about to introduce ourselves to one another
and all of a sudden, in slow motion (or so it seemed) Ewan falls completely out of his chair!
I mean the chair came apart in two and he was down...and just like that all my nerves where gone!
Thanks Ewan, for that awesome ice breaker!
 (I'm still on the fence about whether the whole thing was planned or not! ;) )

This first day was all about the business side of things.
Brianna & Ewan have a way of telling you things that make you WANT to listen, and for me that is so important! I was on the edge of my seat wanting to know more, ask more, be told more!
truth be told i probably interupted more times than i care to admit!
But it wasn't just a once sided discussion, they welcomed our questions and comments and made me feel like i was talking to old friends! They where very detailed, Brianna took us through a whole session from beginning to end - from that first email to the delivery of their album!
It was so informative!!
We finished the day with an amazing dinner at Fellini Koolinis where
we all sat for a few more hours gabbing and enjoying each others company!
Even here, at dinner, Brianna & Ewan took the time to make sure each one of us were doing well and enjoying ourselves, making sure to connect with us
(this did not go unnoticed, and was very appreciated!)

February 2nd marked day 2 of our workshop!
Today was the day we got to shoot! YAY!!
i couldn't wait to interact with other photographers on this level!
And especially to see Ewan work his magical powers!
(i mean in my head he really is a little bit super hero! You have seen his work right??!)
What was especially nice was, not only were we going to be allowed to shoot whatever we wanted when we wanted, we each got 10-15 min of alone time with just Ewan and the models, where he would let us lead and then help us tweak, but also to point out what "may work better" or "why not try it from this angle" "what do you want to do" It was amazing!!

I can honestly say that without hesitance i would do this workshop again in a heartbeat!
The amount of things that i learned and took in was enough to fill a book!
But more importantly, i made new friends, new business decisions, i have a renewed outlook!
the entire weekend was like one big AHHHAHHH moment for me!

if you have the chance to take one of the Last Forty Percent Boudoir Workshops
DO IT! do not pass go, DO not collect your 200 dollars just DO IT
i promise you will NOT regret it!

P.S. you know how these two are soooo adorable and cute online? Well guess what? they are even more adorable and cute in person!! If my 1000 word essay wasn't enough to convince you that you NEED to take this workshop then that last statement alone should do it! ;)

To Brianna & Ewan : thank you so much 1. for offering this workshop, 2. for being awesome, and 3. for putting up with me! :) i cannot tell you how much of an impact you had on me and will continue to have on me! thank you thank you thank you xo

To Kasi, Lisa & Brian and Ray Leah : you guys ROCK (period) you not only put up with 10 crazy photographers in your faces all day but you did it with style and grace! like i said you ROCK!

ok i will stop blabbering on and on now and get to the good stuff....the pictures! :)

first i will start with the behind the scenes look at the day!

This is US - THE ORIGINALS (thanks Taha for our name!)

from left to right (back row first)
 we have Darlene from Jakal Photography , Taha from Projected Life Photography , Alicia from Alicia Thurston Photography,  ME, my american BFF Erin from Gypsy BoudoirBarb from Barb Weir Photography , Our gracious host Brianna & Ewan from Last Forty Percent PhotographyShannon from Discover SessionsRuby from Suite XIIIAriel from Sweet Bow Photography, and last but certainly not least Sarah from Stiletto Photography


 Brianna, being well Brianna!! ;)
and hence why i was so smitten with her!! xo

This is Erin, my American BFF, my sista from another mist, my girly soulmate, I miss you!!
 Ewan showing Barb how to "pop that booty"

 who doesn't love 2 minute dance parties?? Escpecially with the most
awesomest play list kicking in the background??!!


LISA & BRIAN........


If you made it this far i am high fiveing you right now - seriously!!!
I hope you all loved what you saw, as i LOVED what i did!!

thanks again


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