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A Cowboy Love Affair | Ingersoll, Ontario Wedding Photographer

if i already didn't love cowboys and everything related, 
i would for sure fell in love all over again
shooting this beautiful wedding

My BFF Photog friend Stacey Vandekemp from VDK Photography
helped me out on this wedding! I Just LOVE shooting with other photogs! :) 

her and i both agree that we LOVE cowboys

anyways I had the pleasure of shooting Greg and Suzies 
engagement photos (yep thats them on the horse in the famous sunset picture!!) 
early last year where i really first got to know them...
within seconds we had hit it off, and i knew i would not only have a great working
relationship with them, i would be blessed by having a fantastic friendship! 
i can honestly say that i love these two!! 
and we had such a GREAT time at their wedding! 

1. Where, when & how did you meet?
The very first night that we met was when Greg gave me and the guy I was dating at the time {a guy that Greg had wnet to school with and hung out with abit} a ride home because my dates truck wouldn’t start that was sometime in the March/April.  I thought he was pretty cute then, found out the feel was mutal.  A few months later in the summer we met up at a BX93 dance, he asked me for my number.  Months went by and I never heard anything.  Then one day I was in the pizza shop in Burford and in walks Greg.  We never said a word to each other but I made him feel uncomfortable by starting at me{couldn’t help myself}. He was pretty hot in his work boots and baseball cap probt up on this head, just looking like a farm boy {Greg says I was undressing him}.  Then finally in October he finally called me.  We talked twice that night on the phone.  He asked my to be his date for a wedding.  Then he called back to ask how old I was.  So I told him, the phone went quiet, and then he said wow you don’t look that old{stole my heart}   Our first date was I went with him in the transport when he was hauling corn from the fields to the grain elevator.   Then about a week or two later he asked me if I would be his girlfriend.  October 21 2006. An have never looked back.  We laugh about it all the time.

2. when and how did you get engaged?  

October 21 2010 was when Greg propsed to me in Fort Worth, Texas at the Appaloosa World Horse Show. The first day that we got there he was fussing in his rodeo bag where he hide the ring cause he knew I wouldn’t go throught it.  Then came back to the front of the trailer and started telling me how much he loved me and such.  {I was getting annoyed casue we had just drove 33 hrs and hadn’t had much sleep}  Then he asked me to marry him an my whole attutide changed.  I couldn’t have thought of a better place to get engaged.  

3. tell me about Greg in 5 words or less. 

Loving, Supportive, Handy, Caring, Best Friend

4. tell me about Suzie in 5 words or less. 

Organized, Beautiful, Caring, Supportive, Determined

5. What are three things you like to do together?

Ride Horses, riding in the tractor with Greg,  spending time together

6. What do you think is unique about you as a couple?

I don’t know… we are just US 

7. why did you pick the date for your wedding?

We wanted a fall wedding because we like the season.  The colours and weather{not that we had the warmest day} and also the horse show & rodeo seaon was over.  October 1 was the best weekend, it wasn’t to late in the year.

8. did you have a certain vision/ heme for your wedding?

Cowboy, Country, Western

9. venues?

ceremony-We chose the location in Beachville, because of the scenery. 
 reception~We rented a tent & chairs came  from Signature Events in London, the outhouses were from Affordale Portables from St Williams.
Our minister that married us was Dirk Miedema, Greg’s minister from the church he attended in Woodstock. 
The vocialts were friends of Greg’s family Alanda & Dianne decor.  The boys built the dance floor, the wedding party and family helped decorate the tent.
 dress~I got my dress from a store named Zena’s  in London that was going out of business.  The second time I tried it on I cried, so I figured that it must be the one.  I had alterations done by Freda Ranter in Woodstock.
invitations~I designed our wedding invitations and Christie’s husband Pete got them printed at his work.
I also designed the programs and the girls help put them togther.
 tuxedo~The Tuxedo jackets were rented from Collin’s in London.
cake~Rene from Let’s Eat Cake in Woodstock.
 food~Bonnie’s Catering in Woodstock, she also did the linens for the gift, registry, and head table. We made our own wine at Lazio’s in Woodstock.
 DJ~The Dj was from VanRock Sound {our original DJ had his equipment stolen so we found this DJ a week before the wedding}
 Videographer~was Pete Hessels, Greg’s cousin.

 10. What was the best wedding related desision that you made? 

Our Photgrapher, because we wanted someone that would caputure your wedding the way that we invisioned it.

11. what was your favorite part of your wedding day?

Saying “I DO”
12. What is the most important thing to you about your wedding photography? You need to feel relaxed and comfortable with them. That they capture your  wedding the way you want it.   It’s the visual way you have to go back and relive the day.  Make sure that their weddings photos don’t all look the same.
13. what is your favorite photo from Intrigue Photography of your day?  
Impossible there is probably 10 that are our favourite. {As a bride just because I wasn’t there to see that, the one of Craig in the field with Greg and also the one were he is point at me to Greg, }
14. where do you see yourselves in 5 years?  
Growing with each other, maybe have started a family, enjoying our farm and all the animals that we have.  
15. Got any advise for future brides & grooms?
 Its your day, not any buddy elses, so  do what make you happy.  Don’t settle on things because of the price or the convience, you don’t want to look back and which that you had done it different.   Sometimes spending a little bit more money on certain things are neccesary.   

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