Saturday, April 14, 2012

Amanda ~ Pin Up Photographer Ingersoll, Ontario

It literally all came together in under 15 min
amanda posted a photo to Facebook
i comment on it "i want to shoot you"
she lol's
no I'm serious!
ok really?
uhhh yeah, what are you doing in about an hour?
lol nothing
ok grab yourself that outfit and few others 
im on my way

(well along the lines of this anyways! lol) 

I picked her up, we drove out to the location.....
and then thats where the magic happened! 
the star (err sun?!) aligned and everything came together perfectly

I just want to take a minute to say that Amanda is truly one of THOSE people, 
you know the one of a kind, not many of them left around deep down to her toes all 
around 100% genuinely good person! 
She's the kind of gal that when your around YOU feel better about yourself, 
and when she's not around you WANT her to be! 
a rare and true beauty both inside and out!
I have had the privilege to "shoot " her twice now, and it has been nothing 
but a fun and lovely experience....
i can say that Amanda started out as a client and quickly turned into 
my friend, and it makes me sooo happy to say that! to the beauty, 
Darlin, Amanda....i think you where born into the wrong era!
you where MEANT to do this!!


and this is what i get when i say "show me your saucy face" :o)

 one word....

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