Monday, May 23, 2011

UPDATES UPDATES UPDATES!! | Ingersoll, Ontario Photographer

Well as you can see, my Blogsite has a new fancy look!!

This is compliments of Rita from Coffeeshop...

If you haven't heard about Coffeeshop or Rita, well then frankly

you have been living under a rock!!

Rita supplies us with a TON of free resources,

from actions and presets to frames and tutorials and sooo much more!

Rita is also a designer...She designs blogs and logo's and is AWESOME at it!

I mean just look at what she did for me!

I am absolutely in love with the new colour scheme and design, i think its very sleek

and pretty looking! Rita was also VERY patient with me when i had a bazillion

silly questions and colour changes!

It only took her 4 days from start to finish to have everything up and running for me,

Rita i know i have said it already but i can't thank you enough!!

REALLY, i truly LOVE what you have done for me!!!

To have a look at what Rita does follow her links here...

on another note....i have been a VERY VERY VERY bad blogger.....

i know i promised to keep it updated, but i just cant seem to....i dont know why not

and i have no clue why i procrastinate so much when it comes to the blog!?

If anyone has any tips PLEASE feel free to share!!

i really could use all the help i can get! LOL

So with taht being said you guys are about to get an update like none other!

I will be doing it in sections (maternity, newborns, weddings, and so on!)

and from NOW ON i promise, no i pinky promise to keep this darn blog updated!!!

And because EVERY post is better with a picture....

Here is what i got to do on friday night with my photog

BFF STACEY and her beautiful girls!

Thanks So much for sticking with me!!

I love you al! <3<3


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