Monday, May 23, 2011

Dark Tea Party | London Ontraio Creative Photographer

So, a few months back i was on facebook killing time (procastinating) and i noticed that a friend of mine had commented on another photographers page something about a tea party shoot.....Well i was ALL over that one! lol i emailed Lor from MADNESS INSPIRING IMAGES and asked her if she would mind if we got together on this shoot...she wrote me back staright away and said yes!! WOOOHOOO we collaberated on what we wanted, what props, and colours and all that good stuff and planned for a April 21st shoot at Storbook Gardens in London Ontario. It had been threatening rain ALL week long but Saturday cam and it was NOTHING but beautiful blue skies and LOTS of gorgeous sunshine!! I was sooooooooooooooooooo pumped! yes ok enough chit chat and on with the goods! I just want to say a HUGE thank you to Lor for letting me have my way with you and your creative mind! And also BIG HUGE GIANT LOVE to, Chelli, Tanya, Stephanie, Stacey, and of course my girl Kat....You guys where amazing and was all my pleasure working with each one of you, and i can't wait to do it again!


~Shari said...

oh my! I totally LOVED this dark shoot!

What an amazing job. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Intrigue Photography said...

Thanks Shari!!!

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