Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Contest + Some News! | Ingersoll, Ontario Photographer

Loooong time no talk.... er type i guess that should say!
I know i have been MIA for the past little while, but i promise that wont be hapeneing anymore!
Part of my resolutions for this year is becoming a better blogger, and WAY more organized!
you see, i can readily addmit that i am NOT of the organized kind, in fact i
used to take pride in my very UNorganized life, lol ya go figure hey!??
Well NOT ANY MORE! (at least i hope lol)
I VOW this year WILL be the year of all things organized!
I have a few things that i want to share with you all,
firstly, new pricing and packages will be added to the website on February 1st.
Not too many big changes there but i think a few that you will enjoy!
secondly i have teamed up with a fellow photog and we are planning some really BIG things
a) workshops
b) buisness adventures
c) FUN!!
but more on that later......i promise!
2010 was a superbly fantastical (yes 2 words i just made up! uh huh!! lol) year!
and i have all you wonderful folks out there to thank!
and it seems 2011 is heading in the same direction!
And to start this year off with a BANG i have decided to do a contest!
a really really really cool contest!
See below for all the details!
And of course because every post is better with some eye candy here is a picture i snapped at a wedding i shot yesturday! Beautiful day and beautiful couple!
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