Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Prop Insanity | Guest Reviewer!

Anyone that knows me, know that i am a
(for lack of better word)
I LOVE me some props, be it...a old box, a vintage pram, a great chair,
an adorable hat, an awesome, cool blankets and backdrops!
I love it all.....and i feel i NEED it all!! lol
even my clients/friends are always on the hunt for me, i can't tell you
how many times i have received messages or phone call from
someone saying that they have found this or that,
and they just know i would LOVE IT!!
Its just sooo great!!
(well maybe not so much for my dear hubby, as he is the one who is left
to find a spot for all of my fabulous finds!!)

So i guess you shouldn't be surprised when i tell you that almost a year
ago i found an awesome website called PROP INSANITY i mean i could find pretty much everything i wanted all in one little super awesome spot on the web!
PROP INSANITY has it all, from guest photographers sharing their stories with you to outrageous deals on your favorite props! They have forums for you to join and even a place to shop directly from their website, they also have contests a few times a month!
I'm telling you guys what Tracy and Gina have done here is nothing short of SPECTACULAR!
So you can imagine my excitement when back in March i received an email
from Tracy saying that my Newborn Prop Picture had been chosen as the winner!!!!
So i wrote up a few paragraphs about me, and how long I've been in the biz, and
why i am addicted to props, and what my faves are at the moment, and all that good stuff!
and there it was featured on "THE" PROP INSANITY BLOG
(it was like i was talking to a real live celebrity, seriously i was sooo darn excited!
I even sent the link out to all my friends and family!)

Ok, soooo fast forward to last week when i receive another email from Tracy, asking if would like to be a Guest Reviewer for a little shop called DESIGN STASH
ummmm of course i jumped all over that one!! Everyone that knows me
knows that i secretly have a girl crush on Brooke, from DESIGN STASH,
I use her headbands ALL the time and i pimp her out to everyone and anyone that will listen to me babble on and on about her! So i wrote out my review and it was featured today over on PROP INSANITY So go have a look!! No i mean it GO THERE NOW!!
(you can go right to the review by clicking RIGHT HERE)

Okay i realize that i just took the LOOOONG way around telling that story, Like i probably could have just as easily of said "Hi, I love PROP INSANITY I was asked to write a review about a prop, you can find it HERE"......But i know how much you all LOVE to hear me, type LOL RIGHT!!?? Ok, ok, I will stop now!
But seriously go and see for yourselves just how cool PROP INSANITY really is!!
And because I wanna show you all whats coming up next on the blog.......
(and yes a post is ALWAYS better with some eye candy!)
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