Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kyle & Ashley | Port Stanley, Ontario Engagement Photographer

I first met Ashley and Kyle about a year ago when I
took pictures of their BEAUTIFUL little boy, and since
then I've absolutely fallen in love with the whole family!
(i mean i think i have a small crush on the whole lot of them!!)
I've done everything from baby photos and family photos to a cake smash session
with the little guy, and now its time to photograph their engagement!
So off we headed to the beach (which I LOVE) and away we went!
Ashley & Kyle are pretty much up for anything, so when i asked if they wanted some ice cream,
and could i take some pictures of you eating your ice cream!!?? They where like sure! lol
I'm also SUPER excited about their wedding as they are
uniting on New Years Eve !!!
I just know it'll be a blast!!
ok com'on, how cute are these two!!

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