Thursday, August 5, 2010

Family + E-Session!! | Ingersoll, Ontario Photographer

Oh Boy, oh boy, internet....
Michelle, and i had NEVER met, we exchanged a bunch of emails back and forth,
setting up the date and details of our session, I had a feeling.... just in corospondence
that we would hit it off wonderfully, and guess what??!!
We DID!! we sooo did!! this little family is sooo much fun, and loving...
i mean i could SEEEEEE the love, scratch that i think strangers could SEE the love
coming from them!! During the family session, Michelle and Colin informed that
there would be a wedding...VERY SOON! Unfortunately the date they had in mind
i was already booked for......wait for it.....THEY CHANGED THE DATE, just so i could
photograph their wedding!! I mean WOW...really sooo very very flattering!
Colin, Michelle & Caleigh I cannot wait to see you again!
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