Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rachel Blonde | Mentoring

It all started with an email....
we met for coffee...
and now we're friends!
Rachel is a very sweet girl who wants to jump into the world
of photography, and has asked me to be her mentor!
Scared??? uhhhh YA!
SUPER EXCITED??!! umm hello! Of course!
when you mix two of my most favorite thing togther,
meeting new people and photography, you get me, ONE happy girly!!
LOL!!! Anywho, Rachel tagged along with me on a TTD session i did,
and i offered to do some headshots for her and her new website
(which BTW just launched, and she is having an AWESOME sale right now!)
sooo watch for Rachel Blonde Photography cause she is gonna be doing some amazing things
in the very very near future!! :o)
Isn't She just sooo adorable!!??
I'm telling ya, Rachel is gonna go Far! Very Very FAR!!

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