Tuesday, March 23, 2010

John Paul & Joy | Ingersoll, Ontario Engagement Photographer

Blog Stalkers, I would like to introduce you to John Paul & Joy....
2 of the most cutest people i have had the "joy" of photographing!! lol
(yes i just made a stupid play on words.....Don't hate!! )
Anyways, seriously absolutely adorable these two are!
just watching them interact with each other was the highlight of my day.
Their love for one another is soooo very adamant, that you could be one thousand feet away from them and still see it shining bright!
I CANNOT wait until July 9th 2010....
Now onto the yumminess that is John Paul & Joy....
can you say RAWRRRR!?
just look at that bling....and that Ladies, was ALL John Paul!!
© Tisha Johnson | Intrique Photography
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