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WIN YOUR WEDDING CONTEST WINNER | LONDON, ontario wedding photographer

Well, i say this everytime but yet i still torture myself!!! LOL And this contest was no different...I had some AWESOME entries people!! Not nearly as many as i thought i would have but still GREAT!! So with that being said EVERY one who nominated themselves or where nominated by someone else, will be receiving $100.00 off any wedding package that i offer.
(contact me for your voucher)
Also, there will be 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners!

So without further ado let me start.....

in 3rd place we have a tie.....With just the shear volume of entries! (5 entries each!)
Malissa Sharpe & Tammy Moyer
they both win $300.00 Off any wedding package they choose

in 2nd place...with a delightfully creative story is....
Lindsay & Ryan
LOVED your story guys!!!
They win 50% off any wedding package that you choose!
Edited to add Their Story....
Dear Tisha,
My name is Lindsay Miller and I will be marrying my fiancé, Ryan Pierce
on Friday, February 26, 2010. And we are a solid 78% sure that it's the right thing to do!
A bit about the newlyweds to be...
We like "F" words.Family, Friends, Food... Fotography (sorry, had to do it too!). We've got the family, friends and food. We need you for the (F)photography!
If you can come up with with an F word for alcohol in the meantime, I'd love to hear it!
We play Scrabble in bed.
We met three years ago and despite our best efforts, we love each other.
A lot.
Ryan has a 7 year old son, Ryley, who is hilarious, cute and
probably the most frustrating and rewarding part of our lives.
We often speak in silly French accents.
And why they deserve to win...
Because we are good, kind-hearted people and what goes around comes around. Simple, eh?
But to be serious for a moment, I would just like to say that it's a wonderful thing you are doing by donating your time and expertise to the winning couple. We strongly believe in charity and are donating a portion of our budget to two charities that are our close to our hearts.
So regardless of whether we win or not, we would like you to be our photographer because you have heart (plus you've got mad skills).I've seen your work and know Alex and Ashley, for whom you have done some photos and will do more, and they speak very highly of you.
Hopefully the horrible jokes don't keep you from considering us...
I promise to come up with better material by the wedding!
Whether or not we win, I do look forward to working with you;
hopefully you're available for our date! We think it will provide you with an interesting (who doesn't love the randomness of winter?) and fun day.
We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and have much to be thankful for

And last but Definately NOT 1st place with a story that brought tears to my eyes, gave me goosebumps all over, and even had me giggling now and then is
Cordelia & Jack
They win the My DREAM wedding Package!
how flippin cool is it that she is from Nova Scotia!!!
and here is their Story as Told by Cordelia.....(seriosly get your kleenex out!)

I'd like to start off by telling you that I love your work.
I found Intrigue Photography while searching for a photographer for our wedding.
I am hoping you'd travel to a clients location if need be.
I found your contest and decided I would tell you a little about myself and Jack.
Brace yourself, It's a long one.

I was working at a video store in the summer of 1997, I was 17 years old. I couldn't decide what to wear that day, I knew it needed to reflect me the most because today was the day I was training the hot new guy who was going to take my place at the store because I was heading back to boarding school for my last year. I knew his name was Jack and had only seen him during his interview but my friend Holly knew him and said that he was done college but didn't seem to know what he wanted to do and had played Football all durning school. I, the shy 17 year old with self consious issues was intimidated right there....a college boy and a jock..Yikes! At 17 I was painfully shy and very self consious. I hated speaking to people so training this hot, potentially single college guy was almost too much. I felt ill getting dressed that morning. I have a few memories of how the day actually went. It was a sunny morning and I remember the sun reflecting off the glass of the storefront and seeing Jack coming across the road and striding right through the front door with not a care in the world. I was so nervous, I felt like an idiot all day long and don't remember much of what went on the rest of the week except 1 thing...Jack was flirting with me! He started saying flirty things to me like "When are you going to give me your number" and "So when are you going to let me take you out", I just laughed it all off while inside I was beaming and had the biggest crush of my life. I told Holly all about my crush and his flirting and we had this plan to leave my number on a sticky note one night when he was closing the store. It sounded good when we talked about it but being so shy I couldn't do it and kept questioning why he was even doing this, was he trying to embarrass me? Make me feel stupid? I eventually convinced myself that I was leaving in a few weeks anyways so it wouldn't even be worth it to leave my number. I never left my number, we never went out and I left for school. I found out a few weeks after that, that Holly and Jack had started dating. I didn't let it bother me and when I'd come home on the occassional weekend and holiday Holly, Jack and I would hang out. One night they came to my house to watch a movie but just laid on my couch all night snuggling, whispering and making out...I fell asleep and to this day can't remember what movie we watched. Holly told me a few weeks after that, that Jack wasn't calling her anymore and she'd heard he was back with an Ex. This made me secretly ecstatic. That was the last I heard about Jack for the rest of the year and half of the next. I graduated high school with a serious boyfriend and headed off to college. After my first year I decided to transfer back to my hometown college. I made the excuse that I didn't like my current school but really I was lonely and wanted to be close to my boyfriend. My relationship at that time was very less than perfect. I think the only reason I stayed in it as long as I did was because I needed someone, anyone to make me feel better. But because of this relationship I was back home, going to school and one day while walking to class I saw Jack. My heart started pounding, I was sweating and begging for him not to spot me. He was walking with a girl and as I passed them on the opposite side of the road I got a feeling that I was not welcome to say hello anyways so my begging paid off! I put Jack out of my head and rarely thought about him until a few months after when I saw him again. My boyfriend and I went to the Highland Games and Jack was in the ticket line in front of us with the same girl I saw him with months before. He did not acknowledge me at all. A year or so later I was taking a creative writing class and saw Jack sitting in a seat as I walked in the door. I sat next to him and we started talking like we hadn't been apart for 2.5years. It was exactly the same as it was before, minus the flirting. During the class we had to read about the topic we had picked. Mine was about the crappy relationship I had with my parents, Jack's was about the breakup of his relationship with "The" girl. He seemed really torn about it, it was fresh in his mind. They had been engaged and she had a little girl that Jack loved like his own, he still carried her picture in his wallet. We became great friends again and starting working together again and found ourselves hanging around with the same friends, needless to say the flirting was long gone. I had gotten an apartment when school was finished and Jack was over every day, from morning until night when we weren't working, it was like we were married without all the steamy details. I felt things were going great and one night I just blurted out that I wanted to go out with him, on a date, as more than friends. He turned me down, I was mortified and although it took me a week or so to crawl out from under that rock, we remained close. I was still interested him in "that" way but he didn't seem to have any feelings for me that way and with every new girl he dated I found many many details wrong with her. No one was good enough for My Jack. After what seemed like a million girls in and out of his life he got pretty serious with this one girl and even moved in with her. I thought this was it, I waited for nothing, and yes I was waiting even though I hadn't realized it until that moment. Eventually they broke up and she moved away. I knew it had to be my turn. Nope, it wasn't. He started dating another girl right away. I knew then that I needed to stop waiting and move on. For the first time in years I stopped thinking about Jack and started working on myself. I quit smoking and decided to get healthy. It was all about me for the first time in a long time. I ended up having to have emergency surgery later that fall. I got a flower delivery and my heart soared, I knew Jack had sent the roses. I was disappointed when I read they were from my dad. Jack did end up calling to see how I was. That was the last time we talked in awhile. Months went by and by the next spring he was still dating that girl. I went about my business but one day while Jack and my friend Michelle were at my house, I had this weird anxiety attack thing. I felt sick so I went into the bathroom and ended up fainting. Having locked the door they had no choice but to break the door down. Jack picked me up and I kind of melted into him, realizing this I jerked myself away, embarrassed. They took me to the hospital and with nothing really wrong my mother took me home and Jack and Michelle went on their way. A couple of days later Michelle told me that when Jack was driving her to her car that day, he seemed genuinely concerned about me and was really glad he was there that day. I knew Jack was a compassionate guy and didn't let it make me feel any more special than the average person he would have been concerned about. 3 Months later it was my 24th birthday. I went over to Michelle's house for a little birthday gathering before going out to celebrate. A bunch of my friends were there including Jack. Everyone was handing me gifts and I caught my breath as I picked up one from Jack. It was the first time in 7 years, since we were 17, that Jack had ever gotten me a birthday present. It was an Inuit carved plate from Inuvik, Canada that showed a woman leaning over her child with her head bent and eyes closed. I got a really serene feeling from the gift and wondered what it meant. A few days later I met Jack at our local donut shop and he pulled a CD out of his bag that said "Songs for You" on it. He remembered a song I had mentioned I liked years ago and burned it along with a bunch of others onto a CD for me. I remembered as a kid in public school that if a guy made a girl a "mixed tape" it meant he liked her. I laughed it off as a childish thought. I thanked him and went on my way. When I got into the car I popped the CD in and my heart skipped a beat with the first song that came on.

"Only you can love me this way" by Keith Urban.
The first few verses go like this:
Well, I know there’s a reason And I know there’s a rhyme
We were meant to be together
That’s why We can roll with the punches We can stroll hand in hand
And when I say it’s forever
You understand That you’re always in my heart
You’re always on my mind
And when it all becomes too much You’re never far behind
And there’s no one that comes close to you
Could ever take your place
‘Cause only you can love me this way
And so on...He had to have known the lyrics right???

Right now as I'm listening to this song and writing this story I'm going wild inside. I knew Jack put it on the CD for a reason. Being the ever cautious person though, I knew that Jack was still dating that other girl but the mean side of me loved that I got the CD while he was still with her. Over the next 2 months things changed. In all the time I'd been friends with Jack, every time we went somewhere with his buddies, I always got stuck in the back seat. Now the front was reserved for me. Weird right? The firting started up again, subtle things, just to give me the idea he was interested. One night at Michelle's house I had asked her to borrow her laptop as my computer was broken but Jack jumped in and said that I could come to his house tonight and use his computer. He drove me to his house that night, showed me the computer room and left me to do what I needed to do. By midnight I was exhausted so I went out and found Jack sitting on the couch with 2 beers. He motioned for me to go over and sit with him so I did. He handed me a beer but contined to stare at me in a weird way. I felt something was wrong. He started crying and my voice left me, I couldn't say anything, I just looked at him, crying, my heart breaking for unknown reasons. After a few minutes he set our drinks down, took my hands and preceaded to tell me that he was sick. I didn't understand. Sick? Like a cold or flu? No, he had a tumor growing behind his left ear that was cancer. He was going in, in 2 weeks for brain surgery to try and remove it. My world collapsed on top of me. I started panicking, I remember not being able to breathe. He grabbed ahold of me and we cried together. I'm not sure how long we sat there, holding eachother but eventually we walked hand in hand into Jacks room and curled up in his bed together, falling asleep in eachothers arms. Days flew by and before we knew it, it was surgery day. I was a the hospital with Jack's parents and just before they wheeled him away he took my hand and told me he loved me and had loved me since the time we met when I was 17, he was 19. I smiled at him, told him I loved him and would see him soon. 13hrs went by before we knew anything. Surgery had went well but it would be a few days before they knew what if any problems Jack would have. They thought they got all the tumor but Jack would still need aggressive Chemo therapy and would be in the hospital for a few weeks. I was by his side everyday. That was 6 months ago. Today Jack is perfect. Aside from a slight droop in his mouth from a nerve in his brain that was damaged he is the same as he's always been. We have been engaged from the second Jack was out of the hospital and are
planning on getting married November 12, 2011.
All the parts of the story I didn't include don't even matter because it was over before it began. We didn't have to fall in love, we already were.

Thanks for allowing me to submit my story.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I had making it my life.

A BIG HUGE Thank-You to everyone who participated! All of the stories where great and I am sooo happy that you took the time to share them with me! For those of you who won please contact me SOON so that we can get the ball rolling on your plans!!

Love you's, and you ALL ROCK MY SOCKS OFF!

And because ever post is better with a picture here is a
sneek peek of what is coming up on the blog!!


Cordelia McAllister Sydney, Nova Scotia said...

Mrs. Johnson, I wanted to leave my comment here instead of in an email so I can thank you in front of all who read your postings.

I was afraid to tell the story of Me and Jack because even writing it down, it seemed unreal to me. Of course my creative writing background allowed me to embellish my story, making it seem so much better than a couple of teenagers remaining friends for 9 years before getting engaged after the shock of sickness that you never think will happen to you.

I didn't write to you to get sympathy or anything like that, I just wanted everyone to know that true love does exist, even in the hardest of times.

I thank you for choosing us to win your contest and look forward to working with you in the future to discuss plans for our special day.

Thank you so much for allowing our story to touch you as much as it has us.

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