Tuesday, July 14, 2009

OH MY WORD.......(i deserve to be punished!)

Yes Internet it really has been since the end of June that i last blogged....I know I'm a bad bad blogger.....but really i do have good excuses.....let me tell you...

1. Kids are out of school (annoying but have to try and keep them entertained!)
2. It is Wedding Season ('nuff said! lol)
3. Trying to be a wife and mother and photographer (not winning on the first two... )
4. Admits the wedding season I have Family, Maternity, Newborns, and Anytime Sessions....
5. I'm trying to be a good friend but alas My BFF (Nicola I HEART YOU) knows I'm failing miserably at this....
6.I'm in a wedding in October and i have been trying my hardest to Help out my lovely friend Lis (I also Love you 'PUNKIN")
and 7. I'm just plain procrastinating......

soooooooooooo here i am on bended knee (kinda...) begging for your forgiveness....
My goal today is to to blog 14 (yeppers you read that right!!)
sessions, and then at last i will be all caught up!!!

i think i can, i think i can, i think i can,


and because every post is better with a pic here is a small peak at whats coming up......
two adorable sisters, who had a great surprise planned for their Mom!

a totally fabulous fun Family!

Emma.....The beautifully glowing pregnant Friend!!
Baby Girl "Goon" (as her mom lovingly calls her....)
and a Prom before!


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