Sunday, July 26, 2009

Alex & Ashley ~ It's Love!!!

Well Blog World....I had the absolute pleasure of taking Alex & Ashley's engagment photos last week....and can i just say that i HEART these two soooo much!! and that i really really really cant wait for their wedding!!?? After having to reschedule a couple of times beacause of the crazy summer weather we have been having....we finally got to the beach and it was like the Heavens where shining down on us!! I was sooo excited as i was snapping each and every picture, They prolly thought i was a little bit crazy (ok so i am but totally the GOOD crazy!! lol)
Anyways I had asked Alex & Ashley if they would mind sending me a "how we met" story so that i could post it along with their pictures to my blog....soo without further ado, here is their story along with their photos....can you say GORGEOUS!!??
Can't wait till your wedding guys!
"Ashley and I first met back in high school in grade 9. We weren't friends, didn't hang in the same circles and had few classes together yet somehow I was always noticing her. I remember gazing at her in the hallways and looking at her picture in the yearbooks, always wondering what she was really like. Well, at the end of Grade 10 Ashley moved to Burgessvillel to live with her dad, and it seemed we were never meant to meet. However, in the spring of 2007, Ashley moved back to London with her daughter Brianna. This is when Ashley started trying to reconnect with some of the people she had known in London before, adding them to facebook and msn. I was one of those people. I remember getting her friend request thinking, this is weird, I wonder if I'll ever talk to her know after all that time. Sure enough, one day I messaged her on msn just to say Hi! And just like that, the keyboard sparks started flying. We chatted more frequently, which lead to a meet up at Jack's with some friends for a drink or two. The first time we met, we were so nervous and awkward that we both felt like the other person was disappointed with the other. Turns out it was just the exact opposite. After that we had a couple dates; some mini golf, pool, drinks, movies etc and things took off. I'll never forget the day I met sweet little Brianna. I had boughten her a stuffed dragon to break the ice, because I knew her impression of me would mean everything to Ashley. Lucky for me I can charm anyone, even 2 year olds!"


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