Monday, April 20, 2009

Derek, Deb & Family

Just before the end of the year I had a contest...The contest was asking everyone to write in why you deserve to win a photo shoot! and the winner was Deb Mollon, who was nominated by her super best friend Corrina Milmine! Here is her story.....

I would like to nominate my BFF, no my sister Deb Mollon, for your photo shoot.I met Deb in grade 2, we became instant best friends and have been ever since. Yes believe it or not someone has put up with me for 30 years and it is by choice!! Over the years she has not only been my best friend .... she is "the sister god forgot to give me". Through all our ups and downs we have shared alot of laughs and tears. We can sit and talk for hours, and when the laughter begins it goes on and on and everyone else in the room has no idea what we are laughing at. Deb and her daughter Kristin moved away for 10 years Deb to London and was "not soo good" relationship there, she was not allowed to visit or call me. She often would sneak to Ingersoll to visit me or call me when he was not around. A few years ago she finally got the courage to free herself from that relationship and she has finally found happiness with another one of my dearest friends, Derek. Derek and Deb have had their obsiticles to overcome as in any other relationship but both found happiness with eachother. Deb and her daughter Kristin moved back to Ingersoll to be with Derek and became a family. Derek and Deb became engaged and after 18 years she is a mother again to a beautiful baby girl named Keira. A wedding date has not yet been set but I know Deb would really love to have engagement photos done and would love to have pictures of her beautiful family to show off to the world. So it is for the 30th anniversary of our friendship that I nominate Deb Mollon (Derek Ellery and family) to have a photoshoot with you so that you can capture the sparkle of happiness that has returned to her eyes that had been missing for so very long.

Thanks Tisha!

So after many many many rescheduling issues ;o) we where finally able to get together to do there shoot!! It was the PERFECT day to i might add!


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