Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sisters=A New Beginning!

Hello My Blogging Fans!!
I would like to introduce you to my Mama #2 (my stepmommy) Deb, she is one of the most wonderful people i have ever had the pleasure to know......she is a Rock, with a heart of gold...She is a crazy hard worker who takes pride in everything she has and everything around her.....she will give the shirt right off her back if you needed it.....She is one of my biggest support systems (even though she prolly doesn't know it, cause i don't tell her near enough!) she keeps it real for me even though sometimes i don't wanna hear it!! ( i know that i NEED to!!) She is also the best thing that has happened to my Father, and for that I love her even more!!
Well internet i had the PLEASURE of taking pictures of her and her 4 sisters.... My crazy and wonderful Step-Aunts, some of whom i only just met, but know that i will love them like my Blood family......These women are all sooo incredibly strong, I really admire them and there strength and courage.....and might i add that they are GORG!!
So here they are looking all fabuloso and ready to meet the world head on!
And here is my GORGEOUS Mama #2....
and this is my Aunt Sandra
Aunt Sharon
Aunt Karen
And last but DEFINATELY NOT least, my Aunt Patty


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