Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dann & Ginnifer~IN LOVE

we met at Tim Hortons a few months ago and that is where i "fell in love"......Dann and Ginnifer are two people who, when walking into a room you can FEEL the love that they have for each other, Dann & Ginnifer are two people who when at a party they are the ones with the biggest crowd around them, Dan & Ginnifer are two people who you want to be near just cause it feels nice.....and that is why i "fell in love".....these two have quite a wonderful it is in their words.....

"Dann and I were set up on a blind date by our common friend (plus Dann's former girlfriend) Julie. We met face to face in a parking lot and he told me to dress for the cold weather (I felt huge in my snow pants).
When we met face to face - it was like something right out of a cheesy romance novel - I swear there were fireworks going off in the sky above us.
Dann planned our first date and it was amazing - we went tubing at Bolar Mountain, went to Springbank park, found a gazebo and had hot chocolate & roasted marshmallows on his hibachi. Dann set up chairs and had a nice warm blanket for us.
After that night I went home to my parents & sister and said 'who is this guy?'.

After many romantic poems, flowers, surprise dates and just not getting enough of each other - we both knew where we were heading. Dann by far is the romantic one and I somehow knew he would of purposed sooner then later but I wanted to publicly announce my love for him. So on November 11, 2006 at the Western TD House stadium, where my son was playing his football championship game - I purposed to him in front of the crowd. Dann was a football coach and after the game, my mom called him up to the stands and I got all the football players to hold up a letter. Dann looked down from the stands and read the letters, which spelt - WILL YOU MARRY ME, COACH DANN?

Life if funny, we know many of the same people from our childhood, we have been at some of the same social functions but yet we have never met. After 35 years and 10 years of being a single mom - it was my time to meet my prince charming. Actually I call him superman because that is what he is - you will never meet another kinder soul n this world. "

I look forward to your wedding in February Guys!!


Pam Linfitt, First Impressions Photography said...

Your blog looks AMAZING, and I love, love, LOVE, these engagement photos!!!! Great job!!

Intrigue Photography said...

Thanks Pam!

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